Deals on the go ! Checkout our app..

You can also form your private mobs and invite your friends !

Split your carts or pay for other peoples ! You Choose.

Versatile features, catch a glimpse

Connect with your friends; create mobs and request deals from your favorite businesses, when you want! Don't wait for promotions, deals and discounts!

Don't like the deal, use the buying power of your mobs to bargain, "negotiate" and make your favorite pizza store an offer they cannot refuse!

Even though you buy in a group, each person gets to chose what they want and pay only for what they picked! Its great for office environments, students and families!

Don't want to bargain? No worries use GoMobit like a traditional market place! Only bargain if you feel lucky!

Use our tabs feature to continue discounts inside a merchant's store with no need to show your credit cards! It’s a seamless purchasing experience!

Earn points that you can actually use by just rating your experiences and inviting other friends!

Merchant app

Use GoMobit to engage with your customers on whole different level and convert social networks into sales!

What it does...

Utilize GoMobit as your all inclusive business platform, a POS system, Customer Management Platform and Marketing tool.

Experience Low customer acquisition costs on GoMobit. How? Its simple, because our users come in groups we call mobs to engage a merchant, as a merchant you experience the customer acquisition cost of one mob.

Our tab feature allows you to continuously engage the customer by continuing their online purchasing experience at your location of business.

Offering discounts? Get your price point right by using our platform. GoMobit allows you to digitally bargain with consumers allowing both parties to reach a price point ideal for both.

Not all consumers want to bargain. They might want to only take advantage of our group purchasing features and tabs.

Save money on your business systems. Our platform is free to use and we only charge very low commission compared to competitors. Contact us today to try it out!

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